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Your universal logistics platform for networked order processing and communication catkin More information about the logistics platform

Slide Post-control interfaces flexibly of the entire partner network Networking Order processing clearly structured & transparent Use of resources efficiently Process monitoring in real time Integration in operative business playlist_add_check playlist_add_check playlist_add_check playlist_add_check playlist_add_check playlist_add_check

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The trucker App & Web Application CIM #2 #1 The catkin communication platform The cloud forwarding software cTRANS 'Seamless Collaboration' with the catkin communication platform. Container Information Messenger:
Your help with ramp jam!
With the cloud forwarding software cTRANS you drive up front! Container Truckers Operators/Shipping

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22. October 2020 Die Studie Cloud-Monitor 2020
Die Logistikbranche wird sich in den nächsten Jahren stark verändern. Nicht zuletzt spricht auch ...
2. October 2020 "Sonderfahrt: Hör das Signal, Berlin!"
"100% Engagement - 50% Marktanteil - 0% Corona-Hilfe“

Am 28.09.2020 fand eine Demo-Aktion statt, welche ...
25. September 2020 Einfach einsteigen und mitmachen
Die digitale Ökonomie braucht Plattformen. Gemeint sind nicht soziale Netzwerke oder die Onlinemarktplätze, sondern echte ...

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