Rail construction site calendar

What is the rail construction site calendar?

• Database based software for the administration of construction site notifications (FPLO’s and ZvF’s) for railway companies (EVU’s)

• The construction site calendar saves an enormous amount of time when rescheduling trains

• With the help of dashboards, the tool is individually tailored to the user, so that only the most important data and key figures are displayed

• ZvF deadlines: Objection deadlines are automatically bundled and clearly displayed in the BMK. The dispatcher has full control

• Intuitive user interface: By setting favorites, ZvF or FPLO can be quickly found and edited, without long searches

Table view of the timetable order (FPLO):

• Detailed list of timetable orders with quick filter function and sorted by urgency (most urgent FPLO’s red, next plan week yellow, rest white)

• List of all received and still missing FPLO’s

• Clear marking of FPLO’s as edited, canceled or printed

• Direct retrieval of PDF or DOC or RTF with one click

• Jump to the details of the corresponding ZvF

• Advantage: No FPLO will be forgotten, because all FPLOs will be listed, even the missing ones. Sorting according to urgency and direct access to all relevant details and the contact person

Get a rough overview of ZvF’s and edit them:

• Overview of all trains affected by construction sites

• Relevant details on the trains in the program: regulations, periods, delays, trains to be redirected, pre-planned journeys, failure of customer train stops, change of direction, load and length restrictions

• Comprehensive filter and sorting options

• Status marking, whether processed and/or rejected

Advantage: ZvFs can be worked through quickly and precisely without losing the overview due to too many details

A detailed view of the sales consequences in a compilation:

• More exact representation of the ZvFs, e.g., after trains on traffic days

• More exact representation of the ZvFs, e.g., after trains on traffic days

• Direct access to the RTF or PDF of the ZvF with just one click (wherever direct access is possible; the complete e-mail can be accessed with two clicks)

1. Advantage:Thousands of affected trains directly in view

2. Advantage: More detailed display than on the previous page, access to the history of a ZvF

3. Advantage: Rough estimation of whether a report causes problems (using stored master data)

ZVFs 4

Contact persons and contact data from incoming reports are automatically stored in the construction site address book:

• Information can also be added manually in the master data

Advantage: No long search for contact persons, addresses and telephone numbers

If you have further questions about the product, please feel free to contact us via the contact form – we will answer you as soon as possible.