Containerlogistik catkin catkin for operators and shipping companys

Slide Perfect trucking - organization at all locations! catkin is your central order platform!

Slide immediately and sustainably. catkin offers you immediate access to an The catkin platform ist specially providers information automatically via catkin. You receive As a central order platform, catkin Easily integrate all trucking service providers at all locations Always get order status and track & trace reduces the number of required interfaces into your processes via catkin. the same order feedback quality from regular as well as adhoc service automated via catkin, of course. already existing ecosystem. developed and optimized for intermodal transport.

Slide The catkin process

Slide The order status is immediately visible to the dispatcher and can be redirectioned to customers. catkin communicates the orders to the truckers, targeted to the selected company. The trucker dispatcher accepts the order. Order changes are made automatically. The dispatcher assigns the order to a driver via catkin. The driver uses the catkin app and returns job feedback. In this way, GPS data can be transmitted directly. The created order data is transferred to catkin. The operator / shipping company creates an order in the TMS. Order creation Data transmission Order distribution
to trucker
Order acceptance Automatic
Order assignments
to driver
Real time data &
Order status
via app

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