Terminal operators are only able to monitor approaches and deliveries and control them adequately to a limited degree. Sometimes, in extreme cases, it is only discovered at the moment of the planned loading process that the relevant truck hasn’t arrived yet. But catkin allows you to take control. The logistics platform supplies continuous real-time information feeds regarding the status of previous and subsequent trips – be they by rail, truck or barge. It simultaneously ensures the distribution of documents without system interruptions and permits the utilisation of additional services.

catkin presents the opportunity to convert terminals from pure loading hubs to integrated information platforms – and to do so on the basis of consistently optimised processes. The portal may also be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes to thus increase throughput and dramatically reduce waiting times and unnecessary handling work.

“catkin ist ein sehr modernes Portal, welches sich flexibel an die Geschäftsprozesse anpasst. catkin stellt für uns die Zukunft dar. Auch bei der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hersteller proLOGiT bezüglich der Konfiguration und des Anschließens unserer Systeme an das Portal haben wir sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht.”

Stefan Mielke, Head of Dispatch, TX Logistik AG