Jobs involving rail transport in particular often require complex service-provider structures. A lack of transparency and poor reliability are the consequence. catkin is a tool that eliminates such weaknesses. By communicating planned and actual times as well as many other freely configurable details, job processing doesn’t only become more reliable and transparent – it’s also made considerably easier overall. All those involved in the process are able to track job statuses in real time. It allows both simple jobs, e.g. transferring transport jobs, and complex job structures, e.g. technical vehicle inspections along with all such necessary data as sequences, technical condition, load checks, etc., to be dealt with. And the feedback for all work is provided using smartphone and tablet computers. While the fact that all the relevant data is available on-line produces high levels of transparency and reliability. No valuable resources are wasted and costs may be noticeably reduced.

“catkin ist ein sehr modernes Portal, welches sich flexibel an die Geschäftsprozesse anpasst. catkin stellt für uns die Zukunft dar. Auch bei der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hersteller proLOGiT bezüglich der Konfiguration und des Anschließens unserer Systeme an das Portal haben wir sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht.”

Stefan Mielke, Head of Dispatch, TX Logistik AG