Modern service concepts require a consistent network of mobile maintenance workers and repair staff who are able to rapidly get to the places where they’re needed. catkin is an instrument that allows jobs to be quickly and reliably assigned to mobile, internal and external staff. Important information about specific jobs, e.g. plant location, work plans, item lists, etc., may be sent straight to the deployed team. Feedback may be directly fed into the maintenance application through the catkin portal. The result(s): no duplicated data input and faster processes with greater levels of quality and reliability. All of which help reduce job-processing costs on a lasting basis as a positive side effect.

“catkin ist ein sehr modernes Portal, welches sich flexibel an die Geschäftsprozesse anpasst. catkin stellt für uns die Zukunft dar. Auch bei der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hersteller proLOGiT bezüglich der Konfiguration und des Anschließens unserer Systeme an das Portal haben wir sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht.”

Stefan Mielke, Head of Dispatch, TX Logistik AG