Placing jobs with service-providers and subcontractors is always associated with uncertainty. Where is the truck now? Will the goods arrive at the agreed destination and in accordance with the ETA? catkin is able to answer these and other questions. This logistics platform helps you assign jobs to partners reliably, quickly and clearly. It permits you to directly communicate all the relevant information, e.g. job-identity number, planned times and other details. Communications are simply effected via a smartphone app. So all the job details are electronically available in real time – thus creating transparency across the entire supply chain. Dispatchers are able to track routes on their computers using the job view while drivers are able to send back the feedback required by the job structures via the app. Such feedback may include information about the commencement and completion of loading but may also include photos, signatures and bar-code scans. Dispatchers are thus able to benefit from the fact that they are able to concentrate entirely on their core activities and the tasks that actually demand their full attention. The word here is ‘exception management’. It is also possible to authorise customers to monitor the route and automatically set departure, arrival and journey times at defined waypoints.

“catkin ist ein sehr modernes Portal, welches sich flexibel an die Geschäftsprozesse anpasst. catkin stellt für uns die Zukunft dar. Auch bei der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hersteller proLOGiT bezüglich der Konfiguration und des Anschließens unserer Systeme an das Portal haben wir sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht.”

Stefan Mielke, Head of Dispatch, TX Logistik AG