Frequently Asked Questions about Container Information Messenger (CIM)

What do I need CIM for?

We want to address the problem of ramp congestion. With CIM, it is easy to send status messages from the truck driver to the dispatcher and thus provide legally valid proof of ramp waiting times. With CIM, the dispatcher can turn waiting time into money. Free of charge.

On which Android versions does the CIM-app run?

The CIM-app is supported from android version 5.1 upwards.

With which internet browsers can I use the CIM portal?

The CIM portal runs on Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Which e-mail address can the dispatcher use to log in?

The dispatcher receives an e-mail from the CIM portal with instructions for registration at the first registration and can assign the e-mail address to his company and enter an Login e-mail address at the registration.

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have via our contact form.