Containerspedition Software

Cloud freight forwarding software for the management of container transport orders based on the catkin platform


NP-Transport & Logistik carries out container transports for various clients. The daily disposition processes were previously handled by telephone, fax and Excel tables. Constant media breaks and multiple recording of information resulted in the staff being heavily involved in routine work and an increased susceptibility to errors. The changeover to a fully digitalized scheduling system was to be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

With the freight forwarding software cTRANS, orders can immediately be digitally recorded, planned and transmitted to the drivers via app. The dispatcher receives status information in real time and can concentrate on controlling the processes. Planning is much more efficient and there is more time for the customer.

„”When it comes to disposition, we save an incredible amount of time, for example by using drag-and-drop assignment. “In the past, we had to type everything into Excel spreadsheets and compare it. Now we plan by simply dragging drivers and vehicles to the respective orders with the mouse.

Peter Kehm - Forwarding manager

“The error rate is close to zero – both in order entry and disposition as well as in the issuing of waybills or billing. Our goal is to digitize all our processes with cTRANS by the autumn of this year.”

Nikolay Peev – Managing Director


Digitalization of the forwarding agency

Reduce error susceptibility of processes – Avoid media breaks

Improve the ability to provide information to the customer

Rapid implementation of the solution

Cost-effective implementation


With cTRANS, orders are immediately recorded and scheduled digitally

The catkin platform closes the gap between customers and NP-Transport & Logistik – customer orders are imported directly into cTRANS, no re-entry required

Drivers are integrated into the process via apps

Real-time status information for NP Transport & Logistics and customers

Software as a service solution, no long and expensive IT project