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Slide New Layer Drive up front! We digitalize your container dispatching company with cTRANS. cTRANS supports your order processing optimally. Automatic order import, driver app, tracking, billing and fleet management. No own servers required - immediate start. Find your perfect SaaS forwarding solution - we are happy to help you!

Specialist for container transports We live container! cTRANS was developed especially for container transport. With the logistics platform catkin, operators and ship owners distribute their trucking orders efficiently. Trucking companies import their orders fully automatically in cTRANS and can then continue planing directly. Thereby savings in dispatching of up to 50 % are possible! Efficiency Transport orders are imported into cTRANS quickly and securely with one mouse click - via the logistics platform catkin. Due to the already large network of connected operators and shipping companies, manual order creating is usually not necessary. With cTRANS the dispatching department automatically has all relevant transport data at hand and can plan and dispatch directly. This increases efficiency, improves transparency and saves time, which can be used differently. Software as a Service cTRANS can be the start of your way to digitalization and logistics 4.0. Our SaaS solution does not require a complex installation or own servers. The disposition and drivers can start working immediately. The SaaS Cloud Software cTRANS paves your way into logistics 4.0! Finance & Control With cTRANS you always keep the overview over your resources, offers and orders. Calculations and invoices are created automatically. Thanks to catkin everyone - customers and logistics service providers - have the same up-to-date information. This applies to operative as well as business processes. Individually customizable Every forwarding agency is unique. Therefore, cTRANS can be individually adapted to the needs of your company. Via the catkin platform cTRANS can be easily connected to any other software in your company. For customers and clients the catkin-platform serves as a digital workflow platform cTRANS is continuously developed further and of course we also take care of your special requests.

Slide Mobile App With the catkin driver app your employees are directly involved in the process. They can receive orders and send necessary feedback directly. The app supports vehicle localization and route planning. Send photos, documents and messages to your mobile staff. cTRANS in the office and the driver app on the road are the perfect combination for efficient collaboration. The native app is available for iOS and Android. Keeping an overview as mobile personnel Slide Order Management With cTRANS, planning becomes easy. All your resources are clearly displayed in the planning view. By drag&drop you can easily and quickly assign orders to your available resources. Status of the order, driver, type and duration of the tour are immediately transparent for all dispatchers. Plan and controll your orders Slide Resource Management cTRANS supports you in managing all your mobile resources. Availabilities, technical and administrative properties are centrally maintained and support you effectively in correct and efficient planning. Manage your resources efficiently Slide Business transactions The entire commercial process from order creation to billing is supported by cTRANS. Create offers, create orders and generate electronic invoices or credits - all in one system. With cTRANS you have your costs and revenues under control. Full administrative support Slide Master data management In the master data area of cTRANS you maintain the master data of your forwarding company. Save data for trucks, chassis, personnel, customers, service providers, etc. Also unavailabilities and important dates like general inspections or absences are entered here and can be controlled. The integrated system cTRANS helps you to never miss a deadline again and ensures that the current data is always used for planning in real time. Manage your master data easily. Slide Containertrucking Highlights Capacity reservations for selected customers

Automatic email dispatch to customers and service providers

Automatic transmission of order data and changes as well as Track & Trace
Dispatcher Cockpit: Live overview of the entire operation at a glance

Direct import of ship owner and operator orders via catkin-interface

Complete mapping of typical Container orders
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Slide New Layer New Layer The synchronization of addresses and measuring points with common navigation systems is possible via catkin interface. So you can use e.g. the TOMTOM GPS-data in addition to the already integrated driver app for communication. Transport orders and addresses are sent to the driver device while status messages and GPS are processed in cTRANS and catkin. logo

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