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Slide New Layer Drive up front! With cTRANS, our cloud freight forwarding software , you can easily manage your intermodal business.

Thanks to our cloud technology, your employees are always informed about the current situation by using our app. This enables cTRANS to increase your efficiency. Thanks to graphic processing and a simple user interface, you keep a constant eye on your orders, data management, resources or bills.

Your advantages with cTRANS

Efficiency With cTRANS you receive your orders automatically and concentrate on planning your vehicles and drivers. Efficiency increases of over 50% in scheduling are possible. Finance & Control With cTRANS you always have an overview of your resources, offers and orders. Invoices and cost estimates are created automatically. Networking With our innovative cloud solution, you are always networked with drivers, clients and service providers. You can exchange order data and feedback automatically and in high quality - 24/7. Performance Real-time feedback from your drivers increases your performance significantly and can give your customers information about the status of your orders at any time, even automatically. Simplicity With cTRANs, you can simply manage your orders using drag & drop. Your employees have all the important information on their smartphone in seconds. The graphical user interfaces are clearly laid out and the functions are very easy to learn.

cTRANS in a nutshell

Slide Order Management In cTRANS, you can easily manage your orders graphically by using drag & drop! This saves time and creates an overview. The planning schedule is available to all authorized dispatchers in real time. Transport orders are sent to your drivers at the push of a button. Ideally, you will receive orders fully automatically via catkin, but you can simply enter orders yourself as well. Your planning becomes transparent, real-time capable and clear. Schedule orders Slide Resource Management cTRANS clearly shows all of your (mobile) resources and their availability. You can simply assign them to your orders using drag & drop. The status of the orders is shown in different colors. This gives you a direct view of everything at first glance. Manage recources efficiently Slide Business Transaction In addition to the planning functions, cTRANS fully supports the commercial process. In cTRANS you create offers and orders or settle accounts with your customer. With cTRANS, you keep your costs and revenues under control. Full business support Slide Basic Data You can easily and clearly manage vehicles and employees by using our dashboards. Appointments, such as main examinations or other examination dates, leasing periods and absences are easily maintained here. Manage basic data easily Slide Driver App cTRANS includes a driver app, which allows the employees to see your orders and create the necessary feedback directly. Using the app, it is possible to query the location of the vehicle and thus support tour planning. Your cTRANS at the office and the driver app communicate with each other in real time. The app is available for iOS and Android. Keeping an overview even as an employee

Our special Add-On?

Slide New Layer New Layer In addition to the driver app that is already integrated, you can use the TOMTOM function. Transport orders and addresses are sent to the driver device while status messages and GPS are processed in cTRANS / catkin. logo

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