By cooperating with important operators and forwarders, cTRANS enables order imports via interface.
Order data is not manually created but automatically imported into cTRANS. Afterwards they are checked by the dispatcher and distributed to drivers.
The result of this new process is increased efficiency of the entire fleet.
There are fewer queries due to the created transparency, the order data quality is increased and this results in faster throughput times.


cTRANS has a simple and intuitive user interface so that even computer novices can use the software.
With clear and freely configurable dashboards, the dispatcher can see at a glance the current status of customer orders and his fleet.
In the master data administration, new vehicles, service providers or customers are added, deadlines and requirements are maintained or price information is stored.
Calculations, order monitoring, invoicing and transfer to the commercial system, with cTRANS you have complete control over your operations at all times.


The SaaS software cTRANS is a secure and uncomplicated introduction to Logistics 4.0.
To guarantee the highest level of security, cTRANS is operated in a German computer center.
No installation is necessary and no new hardware is required. cTRANS can be quickly integrated into existing processes and we are convinced: cTRANS is the secure investment in the future for freight forwarders in the container industry.