Integration of first- / last mile container transports


TX LOGISTIK AG is one of the largest transport companies in European rail freight transport. Its services include transport networks, freight transport concepts and other solutions tailored to the industry. The focus is on combined transport, container and car transport.

Various haulage companies have been commissioned to collect and provide containers at changing customer locations and in the container terminal. From there, the containers are forwarded by rail. The truckers were commissioned by fax, e-mail or telephone and the feedback of the processed orders was almost exclusively on paper (fax). In the course of invoice verification, the lists were taken from the company’s own ERP system and the trucker’s accounting lists. In some cases, these billing lists only arrived after a considerable delay. This extremely error-prone and high manual effort – both at the planning and administrative level – was no longer justifiable from a service and economic point of view.

In a joint conversion project on the logistics portal catkin, the communication processes were first analyzed and redefined. In this phase, the truck companies were already intensively involved in the process and were successively able to familiarize themselves with the changed processes and the new application. In a further step, the forwarders were gradually connected to the portal.

Already during the pilot phase, it became apparent that numerous time and cost advantages could be achieved by using catkin. The electronic exchange of information considerably reduced the paper flow, there is continuous transparency and invoices can now be checked more quickly and more easily. As a result, the error rate in the truck service provider segment has been reduced by half. Order throughput times have been reduced by 25 %. At the same time, the associated workload was reduced by 12%. The company has also been successful with the rail service providers: continuous transparency of the complex processes in rail transport and significantly reduced coordination effort. The advantages of networked communication in real time also have a positive impact on administration.

“catkin is a very modern portal that adapts flexibly to business processes. catkin represents the future for us. We have also had very good experiences with the cooperation with the manufacturer proLOGiT regarding the configuration and the connection of our systems to the portal.”

Stefan Mielke, Head of Dispatch, TX Logistik AG


Various contractors

Order by fax, e-mail or telephone – feedback almost exclusively by fax

List comparison for invoice verification

High manual effort

Very error-prone process


Integration of truck services via catkin platform instead of e-mail/fax

Paperless order processing

Transport orders, confirmation and status in real time

Support by driver app

Communication of working hours and GPS positions

Confirmation of invoice data