What is catkin?

catkin – minimum effort, great effect:

Save time and money and nerves!
catkin networks companies and job details to facilitate seamless collaboration. The catkin customer and service-provider portal enables automated, uniform and clearly structured communications between those involved, creates transparency about the status of individual jobs and supports deployment planning for mobile resources at personnel and machine level.
Job feedback is provided through a dynamic smartphone app. This information exchange in real time saves time and improves data quality. Applications for timekeeping and ongoing invoice monitoring have also been integrated into the software.
catkin can be easily interfaced at any time with existing planning tools, e.g. logistics software and ERP systems. It is also possible to use catkin with browsers and apps. To the great benefit of small businesses and freelancers in particular.

What does catkin offer?

catkin provides businesses with a flexible customer and service-provider portal that cannot only be expanded at any time but also allows collaborative jobs to be processed. It does so without requiring these businesses to engage in any development work beforehand.

  • catkin makes for uniform, structured communications between all those involved in the supply chain, creates transparency across the entire job status and simplifies the planning of the deployment of mobile resources at personnel and machine level.
  • Jobs can be simply and reliably processed across different companies. Orders by phone, fax and email are no longer needed so that it becomes possible to significantly reduce dispatching work.
  • All current relevant jobs are shown clearly in the job monitor.
  • Every single step is documented, progress reports for processes are generated in real time.
  • Job-related messages with photo documentation can be generated, e.g. proof of delivery or damage documentation.
  • Supports GPS tracking for mobile deployments – including the auto-matching of individually stored geographical waypoints (e.g. continuous reporting of truck locations, movement profiles).
  • Additional features include continuous timekeeping and immediate professional invoice checking.

Industry 4.0

“The real-time capable, intelligent, horizontal and vertical networking of people, machines, objects and ICT systems in the dynamic management of complex systems are at the heart of Industry 4.0.” This definition of the “Industry 4.0 Platform” succinctly explains what the “Industry 4.0” future project actually intends to achieve. http://www.plattform-i40.de

The fact is that instruments already exist today that enable this type of intelligent digital networking. catkin is just such a solution! The job-handling portal today already meets all the demands that are associated with the vision of “Smart Factories” that have been incorporated into the supply chain: it networks customers and service-providers across jobs, permits system-independent, communications across businesses and shipping companies and supports the management of mobile resources (e.g. staff, trucks, etc.). Communications and coordination problems that particularly occur within multi-level supply chains and can trigger undesirable chain reactions – the so-called bullwhip effect – are things of the past.
catkin – the Communication Platform 4.0!