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Slide catkin in a nutshell catkin is your bridge inside and outside your company. In line with the motto 'Seamless Collaboration' catkin networks you with your partners, customers and your own employees.

The customer and service provider portal enables automated, uniform and clearly structured communication between the parties involved, creates transparency about the respective status of orders and supports the deployment planning of mobile resources at personnel and machine level. Orders are answered via our dynamic catkin app. Exchanging information in real time saves your time and improves data quality. Integrated applications for working time recording and continuous invoice verification improve your working process..

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For whom is catkin interesting? In the case of rail transportation in particular, orders are often placed in complex service provider structures. The result is a lack of transparency, and this is exactly where catkin comes in: it connects the various players in common transports and creates transparency in handling - completely automatically, without you having to undertake any development effort yourself.

Your entire order processing is significantly simplified by the transmission of planned and actual times as well as numerous other, freely configurable data. Because all parties involved in the process are able to track the order status in real time. Simple order types can be served, such as the transmission of a driving order, as well as complex order structures, such as wagon technical examinations including all necessary data such as sequence, landing control, etc. Feedback is communicated via smartphone or tablet. The online availability of all relevant data means that no valuable resources are wasted and costs are reduced sustainably.
For whom is catkin interesting? Modern service concepts require a coherent network of mobile maintenance personnel who are always on hand when they are needed. With catkin, you have an instrument at your disposal that you can use to assign your mobile, internal or external employees quickly and safely.

Important information about the order, such as locations, work schedules or transport lists can be transmitted directly to the team. Feedback can be imported directly into your application via the catkin portal. This avoids multiple data entries and the processes are made more efficient at a high quality and security level. Ultimately, these effects also affect your working hours and costs.
Maintenance Engineer
For whom is catkin interesting? The award of contracts to service providers or subcontractors is always associated with uncertainties. Questions like 'Where is the truck currently located?' or 'When is the goods expected to arrive at the agreed destination?' and the tedious rear-end phone calls mostly determine the everyday work at freight forwarder companies. Catkin now offers you the opportunity to get answers to these and other questions quickly and easily - our cTRANS software in particular is designed to meet these requirements.

With the help of the cTRANS cloud shipping system, you can assign your partners securely, quickly and clearly. All relevant information is immediately communicated easily via the catkin app. This means that all order data is available electronically and in real time. The advantage especially for your dispatcher is that he can do his day-to-day business quickly and safely and there is enough time for the special cases. At the same time, there is also the option of automatically giving the client an insight into the order status. Departure, arrival or transit times from defined waypoints can be set automatically and guarantee maximum transparency of your orders.
Freight Forwarders
For whom is catkin interesting? Until nowe, terminal operators have had little opportunity to monitor the inlets by train, inland waterway or truck and (in the best case) to adequately control them. In extreme cases, it is only at the moment of the planned loading that it becomes apparent that the required truck will be delayed. With catkin you take control over this problem.

Our logistics platform continuously provides you with real-time information about the status in the intermodal pre- and post-run. At the same time, document distribution is ensured without system breaks. With catkin there is an opportunity to develop terminals from a cargo hub to an integrated information platform. The basis for this is the continuous optimization of existing processes by the portal being easy and uncomplicated to integrate into the existing IT landscape. With the help of catkin you increase your throughput, while waiting times and avoidable handling are drastically reduced and thus have a positive effect on your efforts.
For whom is catkin interesting? Whether industrial company, trading company or logistics service provider - you as the shipper are often faced with the problem of being able to provide their receiving customers with information about the current order status only with a great deal of effort. With catkin you have a communication and information portal that exactly closes this gap and improves customer service in both outbound and inbound logistics.

The connection of all transport companies enables continuous, intermodal tracking - worldwide. The portal also has applications for planning all available mobile resources and thus for controlling the utilization. In the event of any discrepancies, the driver has an easy way to contact the dispatcher via app while the order is being processed and, if necessary, send photos as proof. This information remains visible in the order.

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