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"LocoPlan combines efficient rail planning for trains, locomotives and personnel with an up-to-date overview of the current situation, maximum productivity in your day-to-day business and visualization of locomotive and personnel availability as well as any location and time conflicts."

Slide Managing railway traffic Integrationof the staff
via app
Disposition & control Allocation of locomotives
and personnel
Control of the process

Slide Your advantages with LocoPlan

LocoPlan visualizes the availability of locomotives and their utilization, as well as any conflicts of location and time, simply and clearly - in real time. You have all relevant information at a glance and can adjust the operation at any time based on all relevant information.
With the help of the catkin SmartApp, the tasks of mobile personnel can be carried out quickly and easily in a structured manner. Employees on the move, such as train drivers or wagon keepers, receive their work orders via the app and report back to LocoPlan in real time.
process safety
LocoPlan is your control center for day-to-day business. LocoPlan ensures a high level of process reliability by clearly displaying all train running data.
The catkin
client portal
In addition to your access to LocoPlan, you also acquire access to the catkin customer and service provider portal. With the help of catkin, working tasks are safely communicated and reported back to service providers or your own staff.
Our addition
On request, the planning and operational LocoPlan data can be evaluated in individual BI solutions. This additon is developed in cooperation with our partner software Qliktech. In addition to LocoPlan data, data from other systems can also be integrated.

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