Railroad construction site management

Manage job site messages easily

With the help of BBM Rail Roadworks Management you get the possibility to keep an eye on roadworks messages (FPLO’s and ZvF’s) for railroad companies in a simple and uncomplicated way and to include them in your timetable planning.

Our database-driven software helps you to save an enormous amount of time when rescheduling train services. We place great emphasis on maximum user-friendliness, which is why you can create various dashboards with the information that is interesting and important to you.

Functions at a glance

Within the BBM application, all received and missing schedule requests are listed to you sorted by urgency. The integrated quick filter function helps you not to lose the overview despite detailed views.

With BBM, you will no longer overlook any schedule arrangement and can get an overview at any time with the help of various organizational tools.

To keep track of all relevant schedule requests at all times, the status is indicated in the form of color, crossings out or checkboxes – so you can see at a glance whether a schedule request has been edited, printed or canceled.

With BBM, you get a maximum degree of transparency about the status of your schedule arrangement.

Within BBM, you have the option of using various detailed views to view the sales consequences resulting from certain results. Threshold values that have been exceeded are highlighted in color and are thus visible at a glance.

With BBM, you keep a detailed eye on affected moves and can react immediately if complications arise.

The respective contact persons including contact data from received messages are stored in your individual construction site address book – automatically and easily. In addition, you as a user have the option of manually adding information and thus making it available as master data. However, in addition to the address book, contact can also be made via the FPLOs / ZvFs.

With BBM you are no longer searching for the right contact data.

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