Container Information Messenger (CIM)

Your help with the #RampJam

Ramp Jam? CIM!

If you know the problem of ramp congestion, CIM is exactly what you need!

With CIM, status messages can easily be transmitted from the truck driver to the dispatcher and thus ramp waiting times can be easily and securely verified. This allows the dispatcher to turn waiting time into money.

What does CIM offer you?

Live Ticker

Thanks to the real-time synchronization between the CIM app and the web interface, both the dispatcher and the driver always have an up-to-date overview of the current orders

Container disposition

The CIM app significantly simplifies the usually cumbersome communication processes between drivers and dispatchers, at the touch of a button in the CIM app. The application enables the dispatcher to have all important status information directly in view.

Information exchange

All container information, such as GPS data or waybills, is communicated in real time from the driver to the dispatcher - immediately and securely.


Truck drivers report container number and status messages via CIM app directly to their dispatcher’s email.

All messages are created quickly and clearly in the dispatcher’s CIM web portal. Immediate access to incident reports, GPS data and sent photos of the drivers.

The messages sent via the CIM app on status, waiting times and delays are immediately visible to the dispatcher in the web portal. He can now adjust his planning, view and manage photos of transport documents conveniently in the web portal. Delay messages can be easily forwarded to the originator by e-mail.

CIM Step-by-Step

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FAQ for the Container Information Messenger

Which e-mail address can the dispatcher log in with?

The dispatcher receives an e-mail from the CIM portal with instructions on how to log in when he first reports. When registering, the e-mail address can be assigned to his company and a login e-mail address can be entered.

On which Android or iOS versions does the CIM app run?

The CIM app can be used from Android version 6.0 and iOS version 11 upwards.

With which Internet browsers can the CIM portal be used?

The CIM portal can be used with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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