LocoPlan is a graphically oriented software for resource planning and monitoring rail transport networks. The software package that has been specially tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized rail transporters supports the dispatching of trains and transport jobs for locomotives. The software permits the availability of locomotives and their capacity utilisation to be visualised along with any location or time conflicts. Interactive bar charts enable clear planning in multi-user environments. Linking the system to the catkin portal also makes it possible to integrate customers, service-providers and all mobile personnel. Planning errors – e.g. multiple deployments or connecting conflicts – are immediately recognisable and may be eliminated straight away. The enhanced transparency helps prevent mistakes and results in greater capacity utilisation and consequently improves the quality of trip and resource planning.


cTrans is an intuitive multi-client planning software for shipping companies that focuses on container transport and full loads. The graphically oriented application enables jobs to be planned using Gantt charts while taking account of such existing resources as vehicles and personnel. It also provides access to available terms and rates. These are presented in a clearly structured and compact visualisation. A secure and rapidly to implement interface may be used to export data to existing standard accounting software systems (Datev, Diamant, etc.). The catkin portal also permits telematics to be completely integrated. It is also possible on request to interface to existing systems that are already being used, such as Fleetboard, TomTom, mobileObjects, etc., to cTrans.