for our catkin technology System requirements

Slide Therefore, catkin needs some system requirements, which you can find on this page. Our catkin technology helps companies to design their communication efficiently, to avoid possible misunderstandings or to prevent a lack of communication. The catkin software solutions

Slide The Web Browser (or higher) The access to the catkin functionalities takes place via the Internet using SSL encryption. A modern web browser is a prerequisite for a proper functioning of the web application. We recommend to enable JavaScript. JavaScript allows you to use all portal functionalities to their full extent. Firefox, 71.0

Edge, 18
Preferred: Chrome, 78.0 Alternative, but possibly functional restrictions: (or higher) (or higher) keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_right

Slide catkin SmartApp, catkin CIM App &
catkin WE
For the use of the individual applications of catkin, an operating system from

is necessary.
Android Version 6.0

Slide Status: 11.02.2020