catkin GmbH develops and realises customised communications solutions. The motto here is to increase efficiencies within processes and to reduce costs by networking customers and contractors. With “catkin”, we have created a cross-company and system-independent communications platform for handling shipping jobs. The customer and service-provider portal networks companies through jobs and supports the management of mobile resources at personnel and machine level.

catkin GmbH – one-stop shopping

We are able to work with you to analyse the communications structures in your job processes. The results from this analysis will then be used to redesign the processes (if necessary) and integrate catkin as the “job machine”. All projects are managed by employees who possess industry and system experience and who are able to draw on modern quality-assurance systems. To the extent that it is possible to realise interfaces to existing systems, we will utilise a range of already existing solutions that have been created in conjunction with authorised software manufacturers and that have proved themselves in practical applications on an ongoing basis.

  • Analysis
  • Modelling
  • Integration
  • Project management

Benefit from our many years of experience and recognised expertise in the field of combined transport on land, water and rail!

catkin – the minds behind it (from left to right):

Christian Krüger / Managing Director christian.krueger (at) catkin (dot) eu 
Geert-Jan Gorter / CIO / geert-jan.gorter (at) catkin (dot) eu