Our catkin disposition software for forwarding agencies, truckers, railway workers and personnel managers for you at a glance

The communication platform “catkin”

catkin networks companies and order data in the sense of seamless collaboration. The customer and service provider portal enables automated, uniform and clearly structured communication between the parties involved, creates transparency regarding the respective status of orders and supports the deployment planning of mobile resources at personnel and machine level.

The cloud forwarding software “cTRANS”

TMS optimized for combined transport. Your entry into logistics 4.0.

You get secure and personal access via web and app to the cloud for your own fleet, personnel and order management. cTRANS is easy to use and communicates seamlessly with your drivers, vehicles, customers or service providers. Go ahead, into your new forwarding agency 4.0!

The personnel management software “cSTAFF”

Work Organization 4.0: catkin launches the new workforce and time management software cSTAFF.

Mobile messages for working hours, activities and absences – comprehensive cooperation of mobile employees and personnel administration. In addition, cSTAFF can be easily integrated into internal company IT systems via a standard web interface. cSTAFF is based on catkin® technology and combines time management for mobile employees with mobile task management.

The rail planning software “Locoplan”

LocoPlan combines an efficient ERP with high productivity in your daily business and visualizes the availability of locomotives and their utilization as well as possible location and time conflicts.

Interactive bar charts enable clear planning in a multi-user environment. Increased transparency helps to avoid errors, leads to better capacity utilization and provides more quality in trip and resource planning. All relevant information is immediately recognizable!

The management software for FLPO’s & ZvF’s “BMK”

Database based software for the administration of construction site reports (FPLO’s and ZvF’s) for railway companies (EVU’s). The construction site calendar leads to enormous time savings when rescheduling trains. With dashboards, the tool is individually tailored to the user, so that only the most important data and key figures are displayed.

ZvF deadlines: Objection deadlines are automatically bundled and clearly displayed in the BMK. The dispatcher has full control! Intuitive user interface: By setting favorites, ZvF or FPLO can be quickly found and edited without a long search.

The Trucker App & Web application “CIM”

The driver app “CIM – Container Information Messenger” – transmits status messages on traffic jams, ramp waiting times, loading and unloading to the dispatcher and directly to the free CIM portal of catkin GmbH. Each message generates time and GPS information to the dispatchers and access data are freely generated by email so that every user can use the portal.